CryoTouch - portable cryosurgery device for precise tissue destruction


CryoTouch is a portable device dedicated to cosmetology, aesthetic medicine and cryosurgery. As a cooling medium, this device utilizes liquid nitrogen which allows to freeze and destroy abnormal tissue and dead skin cells in a fast, pain-free way which gives incredible effects.

In the medical sector, CryoTouch is used for freezing skin lesions in dermatology, gynaecology, podology, laryngology and dentistry.

In case of oncology may be used to treat certain types of cancer and some conditions that may become cancer. In SPA sector CryoTouch is used in Aesthetic Dermatology and Cosmetology for increasingly popular treatment – cryopeeling a complex cosmetology method which combines the functions of peeling, lifting and cleansing effect.

CryoTouch is compact and handy because of its relatively small size and ease-of-use. In addition to CryoTouch we offer a wide range of contact, spray treatment applicators and different versions of the sets.



Cooling medium

Liquid nitrogen


Nozzle teMperature

-195 °C



0,3l - 265 mm
0,5l - 305 mm


Nozzle starting kit

3 gold/nickel & 3 reducing nozzles